National Response Framework (3/11/08)

The National Response Framework was approved 1/22/08, and will supercede the National Response Plan effective 3/22/08. There is a website for the National Response Framework at which contains information regarding what has changed, as well as the core document, Annexes, Reference Information, and Training information.

The new introductory training for the National Response Framework is IS-800.B National Response Framework, An Introduction. This course is an interactive web-based course which takes approximately 3 hours to complete, and was made available 2/4/08. It consists of 6 lessons, each of which must be completed before you get credit for it and can proceed to the next lesson. In other words, you must complete the lesson once you have started it, or you will have to go through the entire lesson again. Once you have completed all lessons you take the final exam, which is graded immediately. Following successful completion of the test, you will receive an email within 1 business day giving you access to print out (and save) your certificate of completion.

I think this course is a significant improvement over the previous IS-800, and encourage all ARES members to take it as soon as possible.

73, Jack

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