Club Pres: Dan Kern–
Club Sec’t:

1. FOUNDED – May 22, 1995, to unite those interested in Ham Radio for mutual help and public service. Received IRS approval of 501(c)4 status January 23, 1998.

2. MEMBERSHIP – from Park and neighboring counties, and out of state

3. MEETINGS – held bi-monthly 2 P.M., second Saturday, odd months: Bailey Library, Crow Hill, Bailey,
We also have a Christmas Luncheon the second Sat. December.

4. WEEKLY NET – Wednesdays at 7:30 P.M. on 146.895 (with a minus offset and a 100.0 Hz tone) and EchoLink AB0PC-R. And to the Allstar network node 45835


FIELD DAY — International emergency exercise, annually, last full weekend of June;

VE — Ham license exam sessions (first given on July 16, 1995); same as meeting dates;

ARES — (Amateur Radio Emergency Service) communication backup for Sheriff, Fire Departments, the Salvation Army, the Red Cross, and SAR; Established Ham Radio equipment at Sheriff’s Comm Center, Fairplay.

EMERGENCY Communications Back-Up:

Assisted with HI-MEADOW fire – June 2000; and in 2002, Snaking, Estabrook, Schoonover and Hayman fires; besides, we are prepared to work with ARES® D-23 under Jeffco Type 3, Forest Service Type 2 and Type 1 IMT teams as needed;

CIVIC COMMUNICATION — for Annual World Championship Pack Burro Races, Fairplay and Leadville; Outward Bound, Conifer Christmas Parade Bailey “Hundo 100” Bike Race, and others as needed.

6. PUBLISHES — QUA — our bi-monthly newsletter in even months (paper), and ongoing on the WEB –

7. REPEATERS – Bailey: 146.895; The Park County Radio Club, Inc. maintains a VHF repeater on Dick Mountain, just outside of Bailey. The repeater operates on 146.895 MHz with a minus offset and a 100.0 Hz tone. Running 25 watts, and at close to 9000′ it provides coverage in the Bailey and 285 corridor area. The callsign for all repeater is ABØPC The repeater is also connected to EchoLink at ABØPC-R and to the Allstar network node 45835. Planning is underway for links to 1 or more repeaters in the South Park area.

8. HONORED – By the Park County Board of County Commissioners for “Y2K” preparedness.

9. DUES — $20 individual, and $30 family, annual membership, July 1 – June 30.

10. OFFICERS – Pres., V. Pres., Sec’t., Treas., and Member-at-Large elected at Annual Meeting in May.

11. PCRC PO Box 991 Bailey CO 80421-0991

12. For more information, please contact us at info@abØ

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