CONTACT – The ISS contact was very succesful this morning with the exception of the You Tube live feed which did not work. We had about 9 minutes and the kids did a great job asking their questions. Thanks to al the voluteers and sponsors who made this happen. There …


2019 Winter Field Day

Winter Field Day was held on January 26th and 27th at KEØLTD’s QTH. Club members ABØRR, KEØLTD, WØDFU, KEØKOO and KBØUMU participated in the event. AJ White and her Deb, her mom visited on Saturday and AJ made a few CQ calls. Aj is one of Dan’s STEM class students …


Matchbox Endfed Antenna

I have been experimenting with a matchbox end fed antenna that I got from nelson_antennas on ebay. He makes them and sells them on ebay. Here’s a link to his page   I have had great luck with this little guy. I was able to hear Australia last night with a …