Aside from all the fun and satisfaction we hams have working with equipment, overcoming technical and propagation challenges, performing public service functions and making distant contacts, the real happiness that many of us have found in amateur radio comes from all the wonderful people we have had the privilege to meet, both face-to-face and on the air. They have changed and enriched our lives in so many ways. Some of the great radio amateurs we have known – both young and old – have become Silent Keys, and we miss them all.

To honor former club members who have become Silent Keys and to make sure they are not forgotten, the Park County Radio Club in Colorado has created a page on its website with pictures of, and comments about, those who have passed on before us. There are other SK lists and registries but doing something on a more local and personal level with pictures and comments, seemed more relevant for our needs.

We thought other clubs might be interested in what we have done, and perhaps in doing something similar in their own local areas. You can find the Park County Radio Club’s homage to its Silent Keys at

Daniel Hazen NØBN
Bailey, Colorado

Published in February 2013 issue of QST Letters from Our Members


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