by Padre WØWPD

The cold of the winter has left us. The heat of the summer is still a way off. Traditionally Spring is a choice time for antenna work. So is the Fall.

Also, “they” say, if the weather is not perfect the work will be more successful. That’s an old ham tradition. Wait until it rains and then go out to do antenna work.

Over time coax jackets can/do dry out leaving cracks allowing moisture to creep in and mess up the feed line — sometimes for many feet/yards from the crack.

Coax fittings can possibly loosen from heavy winds blowing the cable around. The fittings may become high resistant. There goes your low SWR. There goes your best signals going and coming.

I’ve used a product for many years which addresses both concerns. A product used commercially for electrical contacts involving aluminum. I’ve found mine at an electrical supply store in town. It is meant to reduce/eliminate corrosion of aluminum. It has a high carbon content for conductivity, in a “cream” base. I spread it on the coax fittings being careful not to bridge the gap between sleeve and center conductor.

Finally, I also use it with a light smear when putting together the telescoping sections of an antenna.

While you’re out there sloshing around in the mud don’t forget to check the guy lines and hardware.

Have a good time.

The above is just some of my experiences after 67 years as an active Ham. : – )

73, de PADRE

Webmaster Note: One such cream is Ideal Noalox, which is available at Home Depot.


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