Steve passed away in Florida where he had been living with his wife Sally for the past 3 years. Steve had been a member of PCRC and ARES D6, and was an active and strong supporter of ham radio all his life. He will be missed.

Steve’s widow, Sally, has arranged a Memorial Service for Steve at the Crow Hill Bible Church on Saturday, October 4, 2014 from 1-4 p.m. Crow Hill Bible Church is located at the top of Crow Hill near Bailey. Turn onto County Road 43A approximately 5 minutes from Pine Junction. There is a Loaf n’ Jug there. Make an immediate left at the Loaf n’ Jug and then drive to the church. Per Nancy, KØNNC.

Bill Hensel AAØRQ. Wow this blows me away. I used to see and talk to Steve over at the Cutthroat Cafe. The Arapaho Radio was surely comprised of some of the very best operators any where to be found. I met Steve at the Christmas Club get together, he sat and talked to Tina and I most of the time we were there. I can’t remember Rick’s call who was a member of the Arapaho Radio club back in the early 80s and Rick was a member of the Metro State College Ham club of which I was president of. Steve told me that Rick had passed away and I was shocked.

Steve was a great CW operator and a very good Qrp man…there aren’t many hams like him left any more. This is a great loss to the hobby.

God bless his family.

72 to Steve from another cw man and Qrp operator.


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