by Padre – WØWPD

While I don’t hear kerchunking on our machine as often as I do on others for obvious reasons, it happens often enough for me to remind folks of the problem with it. It is sometimes illegal.

Kerchunking is legal — as long as one gives his/her call sign.

Doing so without a call sign is also discourteous to other users of the repeater, especially those of us who monitor it a lot of the time.

We all, I imagine, kerchunk once in a while. It’s a way to see if the machine is “up” and we can hit it. That’s OK with a call sign. If we aren’t looking for a contact just say, “Testing” or “Clear.” Or, perhaps if looking for a contact, we might say “Monitoring.”

Kerchunk as you need to … but stay legal: GIVE YOUR CALL SIGN.


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