2019 Winter Field Day

Winter Field Day was held on January 26th and 27th at KEØLTD’s QTH. Club members ABØRR, KEØLTD, WØDFU, KEØKOO and KBØUMU participated in the event. AJ White and her Deb, her mom visited on Saturday and AJ made a few CQ calls. Aj is one of Dan’s STEM class students and is studying to get her license.

Propagation conditions were extremely poor on Saturday and only slightly better on Sunday. There were only 37 contacts made during the entire event compared to well over 100 last year. It was still a great time. Thanks to Brian, KEØLTD for hosting the event, his XYL for providing coffee, hot chocolate, cookies and making an excellent potato soup. Thanks to Janine, WØDFU’s XYL for making a fabulous pot of Red Cabbage.

Hopefully conditions will be better next year!

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