Dwain Raulerson, 69, from Bailey Colorado died at Vibra Hospital in Thornton Colorado on Saturday, May 13, 2017 at the age of 69. Dwain is survived by his daughter Carma Calhoun, son in law Kevin of Bailey Colorado, brother David and wife Candie of Westminster Colorado, brother Dwight and wife Pat of Broomfield Colorado and numerous nieces, nephews and cousins. He is preceded in death by his wife, Patsy and son David.

I served with Dwain/KBØQBF for several years on the PCRC board. I was encouraged by Dwain’s previous emails that he was on the mend but it seems that it was not meant to be.

Dwain was the Treasurer for the club for several years. He was always concerned that the club’s funds were accounted for very accurately and everyone be informed about what was going on with the club funds.

During that time I got to know Dwain as a PCRC member and as a reporting station for the Colorado Amateur Radio weather net and as a friend eventually. Through these associations I got to know Dwain on a personal level. I considered Dwain as a good friend.

Dwain was a very big guy physically but a very gentle and compassionate man.

Dwain and I discussed many things over the years, from sour dough bread, to weather, club business to some personal matters. We haven’t talked much in the past year but as I look back I cherish our conversations. I always felt I could discuss anything with Dwain and I think he felt the same way.

I miss Dwain very much.


For years I enjoyed listening for Dwain on the radio every morning when he would turn in his weather from “Bailey Number Two” on the o Weather Net. He had been a baker for King Soopers earlier in his career, and as I spent 20 years with KS in the stores, we knew quite a few of the same folks. We used to talk about baking, and Dwain provided us with recipes from time to time; so now, several of the weather net folks (weather nutters) are devoted sourdough bread makers. We also used to look forward to seeing Dwain and Patsy at the Weather Net Picnics some years back. He sure will be missed.

Gary, NØERG, Net Manager, Colorado Amateur Radio Weather Net.


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