ARES Code Plugs

These code plugs are for the AnyTone radios used in conjunction with Park County and are intended to be used by ARES members in Region 2 District 3, Park County Colorado


The last changes to this code plug included:
  • Lade George “Analog Repeater”
  • Park County VHF in a Park County Zone
  • The addition of the Park County Zone includes all VHF
  • frequencies used by Sheriff, EMS, Fire, Ambulance, Colorado State Patrol, and many others.
  • Please respect this Zone and only use if activated via ARES and instructed to utilize by ARES NCS. If working with emergency personnel and using that zone is needed, notify the NCS of the requirement.
Prior to updating your DMR:  Be advised if you have made DMR contact changes on your radio or software, once you import the code plug you will be transmitting my ID Please go into the software and change the contact to make it yours.
Please let W0DFU know if you need any assistance in updating your DMR to the current code plug.
in order to match the entire group of radios.

Download the current AnyTone code plug here: AnyToneCPV1.2.1.rdt

Non-ARES Code Plugs

These are other member or club maintained code plugs for various other radios. Please let us know if you have your own to contribute.

Download Codeplug for: TYT MD-2017