The 2019 Make a Wish Trailblaze Challenge fund raiser hike will be on August 10th along the Colorado Trail near Buffalo Creek. We need volunteers to man the aid stations and finish line. Aid station locations and times are listed below. Please use the form below to sign up.

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GroupStationLocationMileHikers ETAGPS
1 &2STARTSouth Platte River Trailhead0Start:4:30AM
1Aid #1 Raleigh Peak Rd 66:30AM – 10:00AM 
2Aid #2 County Rd 126 10.47:50AM – 10:40AM 
1Aid # 3 Shingle Mill Junction 13.48:50AM – 3:30PM 
2Aid #4 FS Rd-543 19.510:50AM – 4:30PM 
1Aid #5 Buffalo Creek Gun Club Rd. 21.111:30AM – 5:30PM 
1 & 2 FINISH Rolling Creek Trailhead 23.712:30PM – 8:00PM

Make sure your form is submitted, you should see “Thank you for Volunteering” at the bottom of the form after you submit and you should get a confirmation email. If you don’t see the thank you and get the confirmation email, your form was not received and please resubmit.

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