by Padre – WØWPD

Considering I’ve done this many times in a different venue I’ll do it again here! I mean preaching to the choir!

Now is the time (if not later than usual) to check all components in your antenna system.

Some of the following suggestions can’t be done very conveniently. I know that! But try!!! DO IT!!!

With summer behind us and winter on the way, often with wild excursions in temperatures and coefficients of temperature, besides humidity, remember the most important system of our station and/or our mobile operation needs to be “serviced.” — the antenna(s).

Start at the rig, and work progressively through the switches, antenna tuners, bridges and everything between your rig and the antenna.

Coax connectors, and even screw terminal connections, have a nasty way of loosening and/or tarnishing. What happens is a high resistance contact. BAD NEWS! (Webmaster Note: As I have learned the hard way, the same is true for powerpole connectors in your system!)

Disconnect each coax connector. Pull out and re-insert two or three times before finally replacing and tightening the sleeve. The principle is the same with screw terminal connections. Be sure to tighten the terminals.

Regarding the aluminum (or whatever) antenna itself check the tightness of the clamps. Even mark the elements (for returning to the right place) and slide the elements back and forth to “clean” them. If you haven’t used an anti-oxidation “grease” for aluminum this is the time to apply a coating. Several are available at hardware and electrical supply stores.

DO IT!!!!

Now! After writing (and reading) this I better do the same!



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