Digital Voice (DV) Hot Spot


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Assembled node with 3d printed case

In order to access the Brandmeister channels on your DMR radio you need either a local Brandmeister repeater or a Hot Spot with internet/Wi-Fi access.

The Brandmeister hot spots are now ready for purchase for $115 with $45 of the price going to R2D3 ARES.

The project has been initially funded, soldered and assembled by Dan WØDFU and Brian KEØLTD 

The case for the hotspot will come with your call sign on it.  The device can be pre-configured or you can do it yourself, instructions included.  The Brandmeister Hot Spot can be configured for multiple Wi-Fi networks, i.e. home, work, cell hotspot and more.

The hot spot also offers Multiple DMR configurations, Regular DMR, P25 and Yaesu Fusion

You will be able to talk worldwide with your HT.  R2D3 now has its own talk group; we now have these Hot Spots at Fairplay and Bailey EOC’s.

You can order your hotspot below via Paypal.

Instruction Manual

If you have purchased a node and need to learn how to use it, we have made this doc for you to start with. Please feel free to reach out to the club with any questions.

If you spot errors or would like to add to the instructions please reach out to us. Docs below, including 2 other Docs that are referenced in the Instruction Manual. You can download copies of the Owners manual in Word or PDF format if you prefer to keep an offline copy.