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MONDAYS at 7:00 P.M.

This net currently takes place on the PCRC repeater at 146.895 in Bailey with a 1ØØ Hertz tone, and on the WZØN repeater at 448.575 in South Park with a 103.5 tone, and EchoLink at WØJEK-R. You can also access the net on the Allstar network, node 45835 or 45840.

Currently via Monday Evening Net


Saturday October 7, 2017 Hello Fellow ARES members.

As the R2D3 Emergency Coordinator, plans for the October 7th Simulated Emergency Training (SET) are under way on a local basis. Meaning, I will issue a scenario for our area R2D3. Multiple modes of operation are planned for inclusion of the exercise. Methods include FM voice, FM Packet, FM DMR, RMS Express, Echolink, and Allstar. Appropriate modes for simplex and repeater operations as well.

Here are some items to become familiar with:
RMS Express
ICS Message forms

Here is more info regarding SET from ARRL:

ARRL Simulated Emergency Test (SET) Fall Classic Set for First Weekend in October

The main weekend for the 2017 ARRL Simulated Emergency Test (SET) is only a little more than a month away — Saturday and Sunday, October 7 and 8. This primary League-sponsored national emergency exercise is designed to assess the skills and preparedness of ARES® and other organizations involved with emergency and disaster response.

“Every local ARES team and/or ARRL Section will come up with their own scenarios and work with served agencies and partner organizations during the SET,” said ARRL Field Organization Team Supervisor Steve Ewald, WV1X, who pointed out that not all SETs will take place on the first full weekend of October.

“SETs can be scheduled at the local and Section levels and conducted throughout the fall season to help maximize participation,” Ewald said, “and ARRL Field Organization leaders have the option of conducting their SETs on another weekend if October 7 and 8 are not convenient.”

ARRL Field Organization Leaders — Section Managers, Section Emergency Coordinators, Section Traffic Managers, District Emergency Coordinators, Emergency Coordinators, and all of their Assistants and Net Managers — are among those tasked with developing plans and scenarios for this year’s SET,

“The SET invites all radio amateurs to become aware of emergency preparedness and available training,” Ewald said. “ARES, Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service (RACES), National Traffic System™, SKYWARN, Community Emergency Response Team (CERT), Salvation Army Team Emergency Radio Network (SATERN), and other allied groups and public service-oriented radio amateurs are encouraged to participate.”

The object of the annual nationwide exercise is to test training and skills and to try out new methods. “It’s a time to work with partner organizations and served agencies to get to know them better and to determine their needs before an emergency or disaster strikes,” Ewald said. “Knowing who to contact within partner groups with the planned procedures will help everyone accomplish their goals and succeed in their missions.”

To get involved, contact your local ARRL Emergency Coordinator or Net Manager. See the ARRL Sections pages or get in touch with your ARRL Section Manager (see page 16 of QST for contact information). Read more

In conjunction with our Training Officer Daniel, N0BN I look forward to working with all of you and fine tuning our operations and honing our skills.

Please RSVP for this exercise.



Dan Kern W0DFU

September 23, 2017

From Dan Kern, W0DFU Several month back I made a DMR contact with W4OXH Oscar Norris,a 99 year old gent that enjoys talking on the radio, he told me he had no plans for his 100th birthday. I contacted his local radio club President We now have a special even in his honor. Oscar Norris W4OXH our Nations and possibly the worlds oldest working ham will celebrate his 100th Birthday on Sep. 23, 2017 Make contact with special event stations using the special event 1×1 sign of N1C (Norris One Century) Volunteers from many clubs in the North Carolina area and I will be on site in Gastonia, North Carolina to log your call. Please share this information via Social Media, radio club meetings and nets. DMR – Talk Group 91 Echolink KG4ZJF-R repeater link, node 671596. All HF SSB bandsAugust 12, 2017        The Park County Amateur Radio Club (PCRC) will hold its bi-monthly training on Saturday August 12th at 10:30 AM in the basement meeting room of the Bailey library at the top of Crow Hill. This month’s training will be on the basic operation of repeaters, how to program analog radios and an introduction to Digital Mobile Radio (DMR).  The training is free and open to anyone, you don’t have to be member to attend.