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PCRC has been requested to help support the Make a Wish Foundation “Trailblaze Challenge” fund raiser on August 11 2018. This is a 23.7 mile hike on segments 2 & 3 of the Colorado Trail. These segments are mostly in Jefferson and Park counties. You can see more information on the Make a Wish (MAW) website at There will be 7 stations that we will need to staff with a least 1 person. That includes the start, 5 aid stations and the finish.

Group Station Location Mile Hilers ETA GPS
1 &2 START South Platte River Trailhead 0 Start:4:30AM
1 Aid #1 Raleigh Peak Rd 6 6:30AM – 10:00AM
2 Aid #2 County Rd 126 10.4 7:50AM – 10:40AM
1 Aid # 3 Shingle Mill Junction 13.4 8:50AM – 3:30PM
2 Aid #4 FS Rd-543 19.5 10:50AM – 4:30PM
1 Aid #5 Buffalo Creek Gun Club Rd. 21.1 11:30AM – 5:30PM
1 & 2 FINISH Rolling Creek Trailhead 23.7 12:30PM – 8:00PM

We will also need people to staff net control to relay messages and be able to contact the area public safety agencies in the event of an injury or emergency. The MAW staff will have 2 teams the will leapfrog between aid stations throughout the day. Depending on how many PCRC members we get, will determine if you only need to be at 1 aid station for the time listed on the chart or leapfrog to another station later in the day. We will be using the PCRC Baily repeater for the event. I have checked most of the locations and there is good signal to the Bailey repeater. You should also have simplex capability on 146.580 MHz. An HT with a good external or mag mount antenna should work, however I recommend using a mobile radio with at least 25 watts. If you are not attending the Skywarn training on the 11th and have a few hours to support this worthwhile cause please sign up. A signup sheet will be sent out in the next couple of days. Please indicate what time you are available and which station(s) you would like to work. If you have any questions please contact Mike (ABØRR) at or 303-847-8976.

Trailblaze Challenge – The Colorado Trail
Start (South Platte River Trailhead) to Finish (Rolling Creek Trailhead)


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