The Park County Radio Club, Inc. maintains and operates two coordinated VHF repeaters, and one UHF machine, with the possibility of adding a third VHF machine. The repeaters on Kenosha Range are currently not on air.

On Dick Mountain, just outside of Bailey and at close to 9000' is the 146.895 machine, 100.0 Hz pl, running 25 watts, and serving the Bailey and 285 corridor area.

On Kenosha Range, at about 11,000 are the 147.090 VHF, and 448.175 UHF both with 100.0 Hz pl. The UHF will link the Bailey and Kenosha VHF and future machines.

The CALLSIGN for all repeaters is the clubs call: ABPC

The club also has an EchoLink repeater at WJEK-R.