The Park County Radio Club, Inc. maintains a VHF repeater on Dick Mountain, just outside of Bailey.

The repeater operates on 146.895 MHz with a minus offset and a 100.0 Hz tone. Running 25 watts, and at close to 9000' it provides coverage in the Bailey and 285 corridor area.

The Bailey repeater is also connected to EchoLink at ABPC-R and to the Allstar network node 45835. The Bailey repeater is linked via Allstar node 45840 to a UHF repeater in South Park, on Sacramento Mountain west of Fairplay. The repeater operates on 447.125 MHz with a minus offset and a 103.5 tone. The repeater provides coverage for most of the South Park area.

Planning is underway for links to 1 or more repeaters in the South Park area.