Memories of 2008

Fairplay Blast Exercise (ARES D6)

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Pictures provided by Dutch, KAWS

Aaron (KD6FLM) at ICP

Aaron (KD6FLM) and Pete (NET) at ICP

Pete (NET) and Aaron (KD6FLM) explain what they are doing to Dutch (KAWS)

Pete (NET), Aaron (KD6FLM) and Mike (KCATI) at ICP

Colorado Relay Race (ARES D6)

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Pictures provided by Dutch, KAWS

Exchange Point 3, Guanella Pass

Mike, KCATI at Exchange Point 3, Guanella Pass

Exchange Point 6, CR58 at FR811

Crowd at Exchange Point 7, Jefferson Lake

Denver Radio Club Hamfest

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Pictures provided by Pete, NET - captions/comments by webmaster.

Prospective customers inspect the merchandise

Dutch, KAWS with antenna - or is that a fishing pole? 

Fairplay Burro Race

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Pictures provided by Sharon, NDSV - captions/comments by webmaster. I'm sorry that we couldn't get pictures of ALL the contestants.

Racers start coming up the hill from the South Park Museum...

and keep coming...

and coming...

and still more keep coming...

and more...

beginning to understand how Custer must have felt...

a total of 25 racers this year...

and all were heading for this steep drop off toward the river, which was a real challenge with so many negotiating it at the same time

Now Sharon has moved to the finish line, and records the 1st place winner in the "short" (15 mile) race, John Vincent & Crazy Horse, with a time of 2:15:25

2nd place in the short race, Kevin Mastin & Pilgrim, at 2:15:30

Karen Thorpe & Java, 3rd place, at 2:26:07

Mary Kuehster and Steve Hart approach the finish line

Mary Kuehster & Nugget, 5th place, at 2:58:03

Steve Hart & Vern, 5th place, at 2:58:09

Ralph Herzog & Ruby, 7th at 3:11:15 and George Lenz & Cochise, 8th at 3:11:16

Yes, the sun was bright (before the rain)

Bobby Lewis and Hal Walter, this close together after a 29 mile 'Sunday drive' to the top of Mosquito Pass and back in the long race

Bobby Lewis & Wellstone finish the long race in 1st place at 5:47:39

Hal Walter & Laredo in 2nd place at 5:47:53

Barb Dolan & Dakota finish 3rd at 6:07:15, after conquering snowdrifts, ATVs, etc. 

Curtis Imrie and Jim Mykelby approach the finish line

Curtis Imrie & Full Tilt Boogie finish 4th at 7:01:56

Jim Mykelby & Mordecai finish 5th at 7:02:00

Roger Pedretti & Samaritan finish 6th at 7:16:32

Don Mann and Steve Kuehster approach the finish line

Don Mann & Smokey finish 7th at 8:08:24 with Steve Kuehster & Finnegan 8th at 8:08:28

Bill Lee and Ross Keller approach the finish line

Bill Lee & Jack finish 9th at 8:40:15, and it is still daylight! :-)

Ross Keller & Guinness finish 10th at 8:40:34

Kenosha Tower
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Taken by Pete NET from a distance of about 1 mile - shows the UHF vertical at 60 ft and the VHF vertical on top at 100 ft. (There are a number of yagis on the tower as well, belonging to others)