Club Pres: Dan Kern
Club Sec’t:

1. FOUNDED – May 22, 1995, to unite those interested in Ham Radio for mutual help and public service. Received IRS approval of 501(c)4 status January 23, 1998.

2. MEMBERSHIP – from Park and neighboring counties, and out of state

3. MEETINGS – held bi-monthly 2 P.M., second Saturday, odd months: Bailey Library, Crow Hill, Bailey,
We also have a Christmas Luncheon the second Sat. December.

4. WEEKLY NET – Wednesdays at 7:30 P.M. on 146.895 (100.0 Hz Tone) and EchoLink WØJEK-R.


FIELD DAY -- International emergency exercise, annually, last full weekend of June;

VE -- Ham license exam sessions (first given on July 16, 1995); same as meeting dates;

ARES -- (Amateur Radio Emergency Service) communication backup for Sheriff, Fire Departments, the Salvation Army, the Red Cross, and SAR; Established Ham Radio equipment at Sheriff’s Comm Center, Fairplay.

EMERGENCY Communications Back-Up:

Assisted with HI-MEADOW fire – June 2000; and in 2002, Snaking, Estabrook, Schoonover and Hayman fires; besides, we are prepared to work with ARES® D-23 under Jeffco Type 3, Forest Service Type 2 and Type 1 IMT teams as needed;

CIVIC COMMUNICATION -- for Annual World Championship Pack Burro Races, Fairplay and Leadville; Outward Bound, Conifer Christmas Parade Bailey "Hundo 100" Bike Race, and others as needed. 

6. PUBLISHES -- QUA -- our bi-monthly newsletter in even months (paper), and ongoing on the WEB - 

7. REPEATERSBailey: 146.895; Kenosha Range: 147.090 and 448.175. ALL require 100.0 hz. Tone; ALL soon to be re-linked.

8. HONORED – By the Park County Board of County Commissioners for "Y2K" preparedness.

9. DUES -- $20 individual, and $30 family, annual membership, July 1 - June 30.

10. OFFICERS – Pres., V. Pres., Sec’t., Treas., and Member-at-Large elected at Annual Meeting in May.

11. PCRC PO Box 991 Bailey CO 80421-0991

12. For more information, please contact us at info@abØ

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