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$20 Individual, $30 Family Hams. Either mail to Frank Lambert, WB4CIW -- PCRC Secretary, P. O. BOX 354, Como, CO – 80432, or bring to the next meeting.

Welcome to the Park County Radio Club Website
January, 2014

I was just checking out our website and found that it has been since April, 2012 since I have updated the opening comments. As you all know, “First impressions are the most important.” Well that doesn’t leave a very good impression does it? Not updating our opening page since April, 2012. Good grief!!

Well despite not updating the opening page things have been happening in our club.

In the past few months we have upgraded the antenna on the 146.895 (100 Hz PL Tone) repeater. We took down the old antenna and put up an antenna that is 9’ longer than the old one. I don’t have the old model # and the new model #’s in front of me. But let’s just say it should have made quite a difference in gain on the 146.895.

Another great update we have added is the addition of Echolink. Thanks to Jim/WØJEK for putting this project over the finish line. Dutch/KØAWS also spent many hours of time on this project as well. Thanks to everyone’s efforts we now have Echolink up and running fulltime on the 146.895 repeater. Look for us at WØJEK-R.

Echolink is great for casual day to day communications but, we should not rely on Echolink for emergency communications. For those that might be interested in communicating with us via Echolink go to http://www.echolink.org. There you will find an explanation of how Echolink works and the software you will need to download and setup. Of course you will need to have a valid Amateur Radio Operators license to use the software legally and transmit on the ABØPC repeater. Download the software, get it configured for your computer and look for WØJEK-R and key us up. You might be surprised who might be on the repeater.

Recently I have been reminded why Amateur Radio clubs exist. We are a group of folks that want to support our community! Of course we enjoy “testing” our equipment and just plain having conversations (rag chewing) with each other via a repeater or a repeater system. And we like to socialize at the club meetings and enjoy each others company.

During our club luncheon on December 21, 2013 we got to enjoy each others company, had a nice meal and collected our club's donation to the Mountain Peace Shelter. This is a great example of how we pay back our community.

Thank you all for checking out our website. If you are interested in starting out in Ham Radio, or are a Ham Radio operator and have just moved to the area and want to get involved, or are a member of the club already, this is the place to be for information about Park County Colorado Ham Radio.

We have several events in 2014 that are coming up that have involved many club members in the past and it is my hope will involve many club members again this year. First up is the Bailey Hundo on June 14th. Then the next event will be the Fairplay Burro Race on July 27. And then the weekend following the Fairplay Burro race is the Leadville Burro Race.

If you have not seen these events or been part of them it is a really fun time. Come and join us. Thanks for visiting our site and I hope that you have a great time.


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